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Faith UCC Dunedin

Faith United Church of Christ is a progressive, inclusive and vital spiritual community that follows the Jesus Way of love, justice and compassion in the world around us. Our mission is this: to be a progressive spiritual voice rooted in the mystery of God. Through intentionally inclusive fellowship, challenging spiritual education and lively advocacy around issues of justice, we seek to inspire spiritual journeys as we follow the Jesus way of love and peace in the world.

Open and Affirming

At Faith UCC, we are unabashedly 'Open and Affirming,' meaning our inclusivity knows no bounds. When we say ‘All Are Welcome,’ we mean it with all our being, regardless of where one is on their spiritual journey, and regardless of one’s race, creed, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, cultural background or any other category that is so often used to separate us from one another. We live the idea here that ALL people are beloved tapestries of art woven by this mystery that we call God, and we seek to live our lives in accordance with a deep reverence for the diversity that makes us unique and in light of the Oneness that connects us as we 'live, and move and share our being together in God.'

Progressive In Our Theology

At Faith UCC, our theology is steeped in awe and wonder in terms of our reflections on the heart of the divine mystery – which we call God. The heart of our faith revolves around the love of God that is a part of each of us, and that calls us into the world to live lives of enacted love toward our neighbor – the poorest, the down and out, the hurting and wounded, the discriminated against – as well as towards creation and the earth itself. We are not a spiritual community that puts a lot of emphasis on beliefs and creeds, choosing instead to seek God in the experience of being alive in connection to one another. Our faith then is not one of beliefs – it is one of experience. It is a pathway to be walked, just as it was for the earliest churches that followed the Jesus Way. The Bible inspires us in our daily living, as do scriptures from other traditions. But we in no way take scriptures literally, seeing them instead as a blend of myth, hope, fear, joy, history and dreams from various contexts of the past, where people also grappled with the mystery of God in their own times and places. This is the heart of progressive Christianity, and we live it with joy and meaning to the fullest.

Come and Visit Us

If you are seeking a progressive spiritual experience, then come and visit us. We gather at 10:30am on Sunday mornings for our weekly service – a blending of song, prayer, stillness and centering, music, spoken word and always laughter! And stick around following our service for hospitality, which we see as communion in the fullest sense. Or join us other times of the week, for the many, many educational and other experiences we have going here at Faith UCC. At Faith UCC, 'no matter where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.'