• Welcome to Faith United Church of Christ! We are a progressive and theologically inquiring, justice-driven spiritual community in Dunedin, FL. Please join us for worship at 10:30am any Sunday and watch for many other happenings around the church!
  • Looking for a spiritually progressive community - both socially and theologically? Seeking a place where you can feel spiritually alive without checking your brain at the door? Then you need to check out Faith UCC! Join us anytime - All are welcome!
  • Pachamama Alliance Community Day at Faith UCC! July 16th and 17th - Learn how you can help bring about an "ecologically sustainable, spiritually fulfilling & socially just world!" See the Calendar Page for more information.
  • ​Our Mission is to be a progressive spiritual voice rooted in God’s unending love. Through intentionally inclusive fellowship, challenging spiritual education and lively advocacy around issues of justice, we seek to inspire spiritual journeys as we follow the Jesus way of love and peace in the world.

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